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Time is Money

Don't waste your time doing things you know you should let an expert do for you.

The theory of competitive advantage makes it clear that one must focus on what he or she knows best while outsourcing the things that takes so much of one's energy and time for a fraction of the return. It is true.

If you can't change the oil in your car, yet your car needs an oil change 3 hours before you go to work, would you attempt to spend 2.5 hrs trying to learn how to change your oil with which comes the risks of seriously injuring yourself, damaging your car, destroying the environment, and possibly hurting your family by losing your job? OR would you rather take the car to a mechanic who knows how to change the oil and will do it in a small amount of time?

When you see time, you should see efficiency. Time costs. If you are not efficient, you will eventually find yourself running behind trying to accomplish so much in so little time while you know very well that you won't be able to. That's when you are losing because every additional minute you spend in a task, it's another task that is being neglected, and that's money.

If you are a doctor, don't waste your time trying to fix your car, go treat the mechanics on the hospital bed to fix your car. if you are a business owner and accounting is not your forte but marketing is, go get yourself and accountant or a firm like Adaptab Accounting to help you with your accounting needs, focus on your marketing department and you will start seeing success.

If you can price your time, and you know how to get the most out of it, don't make uneducated decisions to do any contrary because you will lose money. If 1 hour of your time is worth $40, pay someone $35 to do something that would take you 1 hour while you have other things to do that can earn you $40 for that same hour.

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